Canon Releases Firmware Update for EOS-1D Mark IV

Canon Firmware.jpg
Owners of the Canon EOS-1D will be happy to know that Canon has released firmware to fix a common issue.  Firmware update version 1.0.6 is all about AF tracking.

EOS-1D cameras had a bit of an issue with the tracking of subjects that were moving towards or away from the camera at slower speeds.  Canon says that the update is a fix to the issue and enhances the AF tracking performance of the camera.

So, if you're an EOS-1D owner, make sure you've got a full charge on your battery - the camera shutting down mid update could cause it to fail completely - and hit up Canon's website for the fix.  If you're at version 1.0.4 don't worry, you didn't miss anything.  There was no version 1.0.5.