Canon Produces 50 Millionth EOS Camera and 70 Millionth EF Lens

It's always nice to see a company - especially one that holds such high regard in the world of photography- hit a milestone. Canon hit one and is just about to hit another one.

Back in 1987, Canon started producing its first EOS camera. Within 10 years, 10 million cameras were made. From there, things accelerated and production increased dramatically. It took 10 years to create the initial 10 million, but Canon has gone from 40 million EOS cameras to 50 million in the short time since May of 2010.

At the same time as production started for the first EOS camera, the production started for the first EOS lens. Since then, the company has pumped out nearly 70 million lenses - a number that they expect to hit by the end of this month. Read more at Canon's Press site.

Not too shabby Canon!