Canon Offers Free EOS C300 Seminars and Hands-On in Hollywood

EOS 300s.jpgThe Canon EOS 300 is a gorgeous camera that's well worth drooling over. At around $20,000, it's a little more than most of us can afford, but if you're in the LA area, you can play with it free at a pair of upcoming seminars.

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, and director of the first movie shot on a Canon 5D mark II, Vincent Laforet will be on hand for the first seminar on February 8th. He'll be taking you through the full range of the camera's settings and showing how he got some of the stylistic effects he's used in recent films.

The second event, which takes place on February 23rd, is called "Touch & Try" for what should be obvious reasons. You'll get to experience the C300 first hand.

Canon Live Learning Events