Canon No Longer Sells Film Cameras

(Canon EOS - 1V)

The changeover from film to digital started in the 90s but didn't really take over until cheap point-and-shoots and smartphones dominated the market around 2009. Big camera companies like Canon have known for a while that that change was inevitable and that one day they would stop making film cameras altogether.

Rumors popped up in 2006 that Canon was going to stop making film cameras, but film camera production actually ceased production in 2010. That last film camera? The Canon EOS-1V.

However, despite production ending eight years ago, Canon was still selling the EOS-1V units from new and old stock. It took almost a decade to sell off the final units of their film cameras and it looks like they're finally done.

In a quote from CNET:

"Canon says it will continue repairing the EOS-1V until October 31, 2025. But it also adds that it may refuse repair after October 31, 2020 due to lack of replacement parts."

If you bought one of these cameras, it looks like you're still going to get some kind of service on it for the next two years if it needs it.

So, what do you do if you want to shoot film? Buy an old camera. Now is the best time in years to get into 35mm photography. New processing labs are opening up, more film options are becoming available as Kickstarters bring back old film formats and the old cameras a cheap. You can walk into almost any antique or thrift store and buy a nice 35mm camera for cheap. Just because Canon no longer make new 35mm cameras doesn't mean that no one does, or will in the future. It just means that times have indeed changed.

Source: CNET