Canon Launches New "Advanced Amateur" EOS 77D

Canon_77D_EFS18-55_IS_STM_FLASH_1200px.jpgFor those looking for a bit more than Rebel series has to offer, however they're not quite ready for an enthusiasts or pro level DSLR, Canon has created an all new category with the release of the new EOS 77D. What they are noting as an advanced amateur camera, the new 77D sits just above the new Rebel T7i, with very similar specifications. However, the 77D has a few upgrades over its sibling, which are sure to be appreciated by those looking to get a bit more serious with their photography.

While the 77D shares the same 24-megapixel CMOS image sensor, DIGIC 7 processor, and 45-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF system (which happens to be the world's fastest, according to Canon), the 77D does include some subtle upgrades. Of which is a top mounted data LCD screen - much like we see included on their enthusiast and professional level DSLRs - which allows you to quickly check, and change, common camera settings that are usually controlled by a function button or dial. They've also beefed up the metering system, with a 7650-pixel RGB+IR type sensor unit, which will allow the 77D to meter exposure for scenes better than its Rebel sibling.

These upgrades will run you about $150 over the Rebel T7i body only price. See our Canon EOS 77D Preview to learn more.