Canon Issues Product Advisory for EOS Rebel T6s, T6i - Image Sensor Optical Issue

canon_T6i_advisory_1.jpgCanon has issued a Product Advisory for some EOS Rebel T6s and T6i units that may have an issue with irregularities on the optical layer located in front of the imaging sensor.
With units that have this problem, white spots may exist on the optical layer, and those spots can result in what appears to be dark circular patterns on the captured photos in some shooting conditions.
To determine if you have a camera that might have this defect, check the Serial Number to see if the first two digits match the identified units as shown here:
Serial Number: [XXnnnnnnnnnn]
EOS Rebel T6s: If "XX" is "01" or "02", the phenomenon described above may occur.
EOS Rebel T6i: If "XX" is "01" or "02", the phenomenon described above may occur.
"n" represents any digit.
Note that if you see a circular marking on the battery cover, as shown on the below image, then your camera should not have the problem, even if the serial number of it matches the above (starts with 01 or 02 based on the initial advisory).

Canon indicates that they are developing a solution and will inform users as soon as it is available, and that affected units will be inspected and repaired free of charge.
See the entire Service Advisory from Canon here for more details and instructions: