Canon is Developing a Pair of 4K Cinema Cameras

Canon 4K Cinema.jpgCanon seems to be all about 4K video this year, and with good reason - it's become a standard in both TV and movies. In addition to the EOS-1D C dSLR that can handle 4K resolution video, the company has announced that its planning to release two new 4K digital cinema cameras by the end of the year.

The Cinema EOS 500 and the 500 PL are made for EF and PL lenses respectively. They can record and output in 4K as well as 2K and 1080p resolutions, giving them some nice versatility. By default you're getting a 12-bit RGB 4:4:4 signal but you can switch that over to 10-bit YCrCb 4:2:2 mode so you can get up to 120fps.

According to executive VP Yuichi Ishizuka, this marks Canon's full-fledged entry into movie production equipment.