Canon Intros New Camcorders Including the Flagship HF G25

Canon Camcorders CES 2013.jpgThe news from Canon is more than just still cameras. They've launched a new series of camcorders as well, which introduce a variety of new features and improvements to both video and audio capture. All of Canon's entry-level camcorders also include Baby Mode, which pre-records video, so if you happen to hit the record button a few seconds too late for your baby's first words, you'll still have the footage. Why this is called Baby Mode and not Pre-Record mode or something similar we're not sure - the video recorded in Baby Mode is even stored in a "baby album."

The new HF G25 is the flagship of the series, and carries with it some impressive specs. It offers a 10x optical zoom, highly improved light sensitivity and a 30.4mm Wide-Angle HD lens. Canon has also added some improvements to sound, including Audio Scene Select, which gives you the ability to turn on noise reduction and tune the audio specifically for what you're recording.

Canon's HF G25 will be available in February. You'll have to wait until March to pick up the others.