Canon Has Something Big in Store on November 3rd

Canon-TheStoryBegins.jpgBig announcements are nothing new in the digital photography world, and there's usually quite a bit of pomp and circumstance that surrounds the launch of a new product. The latest from Canon feels a little different.

The company send out invites to press members to attend an event in Hollywood where they'll be making "a historic global announcement." Those are some pretty big words for Canon to live up to, and based on a few factors we have some guesses as to what's coming.

The location, Hollywood, is best known for filmmaking and with the event title "The Story Begins" we agree that this is likely an announcement more related to video than to still photos. Zach Honig over at Engadget posits that we may see a mirrorless camera instead. Either way, we'll find out more in November.

(via PetaPixel)