Canon EOS 6D Mark II Announced & We Reviewed It!

Canon_EOS_6D_MarkII_Product Shots-2.jpg
Exciting news in the camera world, folks.

Canon just announced the all new Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR and, while it won't be available to purchase until late next month, Steve's Digicams was fortunate enough to join Canon Cameras on location in Yellowstone National Park earlier this month where we got two days to test out the 6Dii amid some very fantastic scenery. 

But let's back up a moment, where does the 6D Mark II fit in Canon's lineup, exactly?

If you're not familiar with Canon's naming structure, they save their smaller numbers for their best camera systems, with the number 1 reserved for flagship products and the number 5 reserved for high-performance Full Frame (35mm) DSLRs, the number 7 for high-performance APS-C DSLRs, the double-digit (77D, 80D) numbers for APS-C DSLR enthusiasts, and the Rebel series as entry-level products.

6D cameras are also FULL FRAME DSLRs, but fewer features and more affordable sub-$2,000 pricing make them great for Advanced Amateurs and Enthusiasts who are looking to test out what it's like to have a 35mm image sensor -- better low light image performance, shallower depth of field, no crop factor with lenses, and so on. These cameras are great for landscape, architecture, portrait, and travel photographers

AND, the 6D Mark II has a ton of new upgrades over the previous model, including a new image sensor, processor, improved ISO performance, longer lasting battery life, faster AutoFocus, and a better metering sensor...

But is it the right camera for you? 

That's what we hope to find out.

For a full breakdown of features, specification, performance capabilites, videos, and SAMPLE IMAGES, please check out our