Canon Adds Significant Improvements to the 7D in August Update


It's always exciting to see a big firmware update, especially in a camera as loved as Canon's EOS 7D.  Firmware version 2.0 introduces some improvements, as well as extra features that weren't in the camera to begin with.

If you were hoping for an option to edit and rate photos in the camera, your wish has come true.  You can process RAW files, correct for artifacts and then save the new files as JPEGs, which you can resize on the spot.

You'll also get extra control options for both photos and movies.  The update provides control over Auto ISO, letting you set a minimum and maximum exposure.  You can also set more options for audio when you're recording video, adding up to 16-bit 48kHz stereo sound.

There's plenty more to it as well, include 25 shot bursts or RAW images, GPS compatibility, and customization options.  The firmware is set to launch in August.