Canon Develops New 3.5" Floppy Drive For Still Image Capture On New Digital Camcorders

TOKYO, Oct 6 - Canon Inc. said on Wednesday it would launch a newly-developed video image storage device for still images taken by digital video camcorders in late October.

The newly-developed floppy disc drive for storing still images from digital video camcorders can store images on popular 3.5-inch 2HD floppy disks and the images can be easily transferred to personal computers via a floppy disk drive.

The conventional method of transferring digital video camcorder images to personal computers required the use of image capture boards and memory cards, often resulting in restrictions with personal computers, involving interfaces, operating software, clock speed and memory capacities.

The domestic selling price will be 35,000 yen (). Canon plans to launch the device in the United States and Europe in late October as well. The company plans to produce 3,000 units per month. Of the total Canon will export 1,500 a month to the United States and 600 units to Europe and other overseas markets, while it aims to sell 900 units per month in Japan.