Canada to US Flights Allow Cameras as Carry-on Again

Canada Airport Security.jpg
If you're living in Canada and traveling to the US, or from the US and taking a trip to Canada, you can breathe easy again; at least when it comes to the safety of your camera.

Since the incident at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in late December of 2009, anyone traveling from Canada to the US has had to contend with a rule eliminating, or extremely limiting carry-on luggage.  Nearly everything, including cameras (no matter how nice) had to be checked.

As of today, Transport Canada has lifted the restriction, and is allowing carry-on bags up to 9" x 16" x 22".  In addition to standard carry-on luggage, you'll also be able to bring medical equipment, essentials for traveling with infants, musical instruments and, thankfully, a camera bag.

"The Government of Canada is strongly committed to ensuring that air travel is safe and secure," said Canada's transport minister John Baird, "but also to ensure passengers have a reasonable level of comfort and convenience during their trips."

The new rules don't state a size limit for a camera bag, though we'd guess that it's best not to push your luck.