CamFi Pro Could Be the Wireless Camera Controller You've Been Waiting For

Many new high-end digital cameras come with some kind of wireless support -- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. However, most of these systems, including an SD card wifi solutions, have a peak speed of 2-3 megabytes per second. If you're shooting large RAW files that can be a significant delay to your laptop, iPad, or phone. If you're working with a client who wants to see the live images that you're transmitting to a source online, or to a printer it could take even longer.

The world is about instant gratification and speed, so, why are cameras stuck in the past?

A Chinese inventor is out to change that with his new crowdfunding product called the CamFi Pro. According to their Indiegogo page:

"CamFi Pro is the fastest wireless camera controllers in the world. It uses 802.11 ac to transfer the photos from the camera which is 2-3 times faster than most of the built-in Wi-Fi cameras and other 802.11 n wireless camera controllers. You can use iPhone, Android, PC or Mac to control your camera remotely. And you can print or preview your photo as you're shooting. It supports Canon, Nikon, and Sony. And it is the only 802.11 ac wireless tether solution for Sony cameras in current market. CamFi Pro will save you a lot of time when transferring the images and avoid shooting from an awkward pose, boost your productivity."
What are the benefits of something like this?

Auto Transmit Photos While Shooting

CamFi auto upload 1.png
CamFi Pro supports automatically transmitting and show photos on the connected devices ( mobile, PC or Mac) as soon as they are taken. With the 802.11ac, you can get the picture from camera more easily and quickly than ever before. Both raw and jpeg are supported. You may also use selective transfer for only transfer jpeg and save raw on SD card.

Smooth live view and powerful remote control

CamFi speed.png
With the high transfer speed, you may enjoy the smooth live view of the camera remotely, touch the screen to autofocus, adjust shutter speed, aperture, iso with the app. You may easily use a large screen device as a monitor to check the focus and other camera settings.

Multiple Camera Control

CamFi gang sync.png

CamFi Pro can work with multiple cameras. You can trigger numerous cameras to shoot simultaneously. After the shooting, it will transfer and group the photos to the server automatically, build the video and playback. By using 5.8G Hz band, it effectively avoids interference by other wireless signals, which makes it is easy to set up on the event show. It can be applied to build the bullet time effect and 3D modeling.

This could be really promising and it's a fully funded crowdfunding product, but remember that investing in these things are always a risk as they often don't have the infrastructure and capital behind them like the big corporations do, so, invest at your own risk.

For more information or to pre-order yours, check out CamFi's Indiegogo page.