Camera Awesome Launches on iPad

If you use your iPhone as a secondary camera, you've probably heard of Camera Awesome. It's an app that gives you a huge amount of photography tools to improve the way your photos look and the way you shoot. It sports composition tools, effects and editing features to boot.

SmugMug has just announced that the app is now available for iPad, and there's plenty more to it than just a larger screen. "This isn't simply a bigger version of what we've built for the iPhone. We built and rebuilt the UI over and over until we came up with something that makes the iPad feel like an amazing new piece of photography equipment, rather than just a giant camera," says SmugMug CEO Don McAskill. "Our testers have been comparing it to something from Minority Report and loving it."

Camera Awesome is available now on the App Store for free. If you already have the program for the iPhone, any of the filters and add-ons you purchased will transfer over.