Cam Link From Elgato is Here to Change How Live Streams and Vlogs are Created.

Elgato, a company that's no stranger to the gaming world with its high-end capture cards, USB hubs and modifiable Stream Deck has introduced a game changer in the world of streaming media.

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The Elgato Cam Link solves a problem that has kind of been ignored in the last few years. How can I easily capture directly to my computer without latency or image quality issues? Most live stream gamers on Twitch or Vloggers on Youtube have essentially had two paths. They can record their Vlog in advance on their fancy camera or be forced to use a sub par web cam for live streams.

That's where the Elgato's Cam Link changes things. This $129.95 device allows you connect any DSLR, camcorder, or action cam that has an HDMI output to your PC or Mac to capture and stream live with no additional hardware or capture cards.


Once you plug in the Cam Link to your computer, it appears as a webcam automatically and can be used for all your favorite apps including Game Capture, OBS, and Skype. It can maintain a quality up to 1080p at 60frames per second with ultra low latency. That means you can use it on Youtube, Facebook Live or Twitch and not have to worry about dropping frames.

So what's the benefit? You can record directly to your computer's hard drive without worrying about filling up or corrupting an SD card. You also then don't have to import any of your new footage as it's already been captured.

It's a step in the right direction, but it's odd how you have to go backwards to go forwards sometimes. What I mean by that is we've spent so many years trying to be as un-tethered as possible on all our devices. We got rid of ethernet to free our computers with ultra fast wi-fi and Bluetooth and then it all trickles down to other devices when it's been figured out. Our phones became wi-fi devices, headphones became Bluetooth devices and we could now start air dropping files between everything without a cable. So, now here comes a device that makes your life ten times easier by allowing you to use the camera you want with the lenses you want for live streaming or blogging, but you need a cable to use it. One step back to go one step forward.

It's an amazing product that allows you the freedom of choice for a low price when you're creating, and if the cost is being bogged down by a cable, then it's worth it. That is of course until Elgato makes a wireless version for double the price.

Source: ELGATO

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