Buy a Mamiya DSLR Kit, Get a Mamiya Lens Free

Mamiya's cameras tend to be on the more expensive side of things, as do their lenses.   It's not uncommon do drop multiple thousands of dollars on a single lens.  The company has a special offer available to those buying new Mamiya DSLRs though that could save you up to $2,300.

Customers that pick up a DM56 or DM33 between now and the last day of April will be able to lay claim to a free AF 55-110mm f/4.5 zoom or F 105-210mm f/4.5 zoom lens for free.  Throwing in a $2,371 dollar lens with the purchase of a camera is a pretty good way to get on a photographer's good side. 

If you pick up a DM28 or DM22 you'll be able to get a free AF 55mm f/2.8 lens, valued at $1,188.  It's not as expensive a lens, but to be fair, it's not as expensive a camera.
The promotion will last until April 30th and apply to all qualifying purchases made from authorized Mamiya dealers.