Build a Cheap and Easy Contact Trigger for High Speed Photography

DIY-contact-trigger.jpgIf you've seen some of the amazing moments that can be captured by techniques used in high speed photography, you've probably also wondered how best to take some of those pictures for yourself. The process ranges between simple and incredibly complex, but the folks at DIY Photography have come up with a cheap and easy way to get started.

One of the simplest ways to get a high speed picture is to photograph an object in a completely dark room with a contact trigger activating a strobe. This quick burst of light makes sure your subject is only seen for a brief period of time, giving you a nice clean picture.

As it turns out, a contact trigger is actually pretty simple to put together. You'll need some cardboard, an old RCA cord, some scotch tape and two pennies. Put them together with your strobe and you've got a contact trigger. Nice and easy.