British Man Creates Space Camera for Only $750

Space Camera.jpg

It's difficult realizing that some of the most awe inspiring photographs are out of your reach.  Most of us will never have the opportunity to go out into space and photograph the earth, but those images are some of the most astounding.  It would cost millions of dollars to get photos from space, right? Not according to one British photographer.

Robert Harrison has captured some breathtaking images of the earth from the upper atmosphere, and he managed to do it for a mere $750. 

It all started with his desire to get an aerial shot of his house.  He tried mounting a camera on a remote controlled helicopter, but without much success.  He then switched to meteorological balloons, which did what he wanted and more.

His setup includes a balloon, a parachute, a GPS for locating the camera after it lands and a Canon Sure Shot rigged to capture one image every five minutes.  It may not be the most advanced method, but the photos are good.  So good, in fact, that NASA contacted him to find out exactly how he went about it.

You can find his pictures, including an amazing panoramic shot, and details on the setup he uses at his website.