Brando Releases a Laser Sight for Your DSLR

Not using that hot shoe on your DSLR? How about adding something, well, useless? I'm not sure what the point of a laser sight on a DSLR is, but if you want one, you can get one. Brando has released a product they call Wildlife Photography with Tactical Four Reticle Sight that attaches to the top of your DSLR.

It doesn't shoot out a laser dot like you might expect, it simply places a reticle on a small screen. You can choose from a number of reticle styles, including the very nice look of crosshairs with a clear center dot.

The whole thing might be kind of cool if there was any sort of advantage to it. Since you can already, and more accurately, see what you're shooting at through your camera's viewfinder, or the LCD screen on the back, it's hard to imagine an actual use.

Still, if you really want it, you can pick up the Wildlife Photography with Tactical Four Reticle Sight for $40 directly from Brando.