Blogger Creates DIY SLR Camera Sling

DIY Sling.jpg
You've seen those slick over-the-shoulder camera slings that make it a cinch to carry an SLR for an extended period of time.   It's a great setup, but they run a bit on the pricey side, especially if you're on a budget.

Blogger and photographer John Abella found a way to make his own version of the DSLR sling at a fraction of the price.  For only $15 and a bit of manual labor, John was able to make a sling that's able to attach either to the standard camera strap location, or to the tripod mount.

The main component is a strap from a laptop bag.  After selecting a comfortable strap, you can simply take a few parts found at a local boating supply store and modify it into a full camera sling.

As with all do-it-yourself projects, take this on at your own risk.  Unless you're really strapped for cash or a big fan of DIY, you may just want to spend the money on a new strap. Instructions and step-by-step photos can be found at John's site: Link