Blind Photographer's World Will Be Showcased at Edinburgh Art Festival

Blind Photographer.jpg

Rosita McKenzie's photographs are generating a lot of interest.  It's not because they're particularly amazing or controversial, but because that the woman behind them has been blind since the age of 12.

Rosita explains that part of what makes photography interesting for her is that it helps her to get better descriptions of the world around her.  "People explain to me more about the things that are around me when I have my camera,' she says.

While she can't see the results, she says that she's still able to get a feel for what she's created.  " I can have the pictures produced into raised drawings," she says

She uses a digital camera with an automatic focus, so that the picture always comes out correctly.  She sometimes uses an assistant, but always takes the actual picture herself.  Her work will be displayed at the Edinburgh Art Festival, along with the works of hundreds of other photographers and artists in over 48 different galleries