Bibble Labs Releases Bibble 5.1 Pro and Bibble Lite


If you're using Bibble Pro workflow software, you'll be glad to hear about a new update that includes healing, cloning, support for new RAW formats and Bibble's Perfectly Clear one-touch image optimization.  If you're already a Bibble 5 Pro user, you can pick up the update for free.

Bibble has also announced the release of Bibble Lite, a version of the program designed for people who don't need all of the pro versions capabilities.  It's also half the price - just $99.

Bibble Lite offers the same speed and much of the same control as Bibble Pro, but doesn't have all of the functionality.  For example, you'll only be able to open one catalog at a time, and you're limited to three layers per image.

The Lite version of the program also sacrifices some workflow features, such as background printing, watched folder support and the ability to output multiple images when batch editing.  But if that doesn't sound like something you'll miss, Lite isn't a bad way to go.