Beware Counterfeit SanDisk Memory Cards - Here's What to Look For

Fake Cards.jpgThe holidays mean business for retailers, but they also mean that things are incredibly busy and often disorganized. That's almost certainly the reason that Amazon recently sent out counterfeit SanDisk cards to one of their customers, and probably a few that didn't notice.

Damien Douxchamps first became suspicious of the cards when he popped them in his camera to find that each had a different amount listed under "shots left" - something that he felt shouldn't happen with authentic cards. He then found that his new cards were slower than his old memory cards and he knew something was afoot. After comparing the packaging and the cards themselves, Douxchamps was able to determine that his cards were, in fact, fakes.

Some of the more obvious differences are a lack of legalese, asterisks and, of course, an incorrect serial number. Douxchamps has some great pictures showing the difference on his site. He also says that Amazon was very quick to refund him when the issue was brought to their attention.

(via PetaPixel)