Best Buy Will Match Online Prices This Holiday - Including Amazon

Best Buy.jpg Historically it's been Best Buy's policy to match prices of other stores, but they've not done any price matching of online retailers. This holiday season that changes, and Best Buy will be price matching with online competitors as well.

So get your smartphone ready the next time you take a trip to Best Buy, because you'll want to check prices on Amazon, Newegg, B&H, and wherever else you buy cameras, memory cards and accessories. The massive electronics chain will be a one-stop shop for the gear you want at the same prices you can get online. Of course, we're guessing the process will be a bit of a pain as price changes often are.

Best Buy hopes that this will help lessen the amount of people that shop in person and then buy online. The company says that this is common for those buying electronics and at least 43% have done this before. Anything to keep those sales in stores would be a move forward for Best Buy.