Awful Wedding Photographer Picked Apart on Daytime TV

We don't have any time for daytime television, but it's hard to ignore the tongue-lashing that Judge Joe Brown laid on a wedding photographer on Monday that clearly doesn't know her job.

The photographer in this case took a single entry level lens on a Canon Rebel XTi to take photographs of the wedding.   She had photos printed at Walmart, rather than professionally printed.  Luckily for the plaintiff in the case, whose wedding photography suffered at the hands of the poor shooter, Judge Joe Brown is a bit of a camera buff.  Seriously, watch the clip, he knows his stuff:

He goes on to grill the faulty photographer about her use of a slow lens in a low light setting, her lens selection, and her failure to prepare for the lighting situation.  He even goes over a bit of his camera setup when the photographer claims that she had no way to know that she'd have to take pictures without the use of flash.

Now there's no reason why you shouldn't try to get a photography business started; it's great to see someone newer to the field getting into it.  But if you're going to charge $1,300 for photographs, you'd better know your stuff.