Argraph Unveils Suiri Professional Grade Tripods

If the name Aragraph looks really familiar it's because yesterday we reported on their release of an inexpensive and unique bottle-top tripod. The company is about much more than novelty stands though, Aragrpah makes some fine professional tripods which are making their way to the States.

Reviews of the company's tripods are quite high, such as the one in FOTO magazine, where Aragraph's SIRUI M-3204 tripod beat out the rest of the competition with a score of 87 - 12 higher than the next closest tripod.

"We are very pleased to be introducing Sirui Tripods to the U.S., and proud that Sirui is already garnering such prestigious honors," says Argraph CEO Mark Roth. "Sirui's quality is impressive and obvious to anyone who handles the tripods and ball heads." He also answers the question you've been asking since you read about Sirui tripods - how the devil do pronounce Sirui? "Just say 'Sue-Ray'."