ArcSoft's Perfect365 app doubles downloads in just two months

The Perfect365 Makeover app from ArcSoft reached 10 million downloads today. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 mobile devices, and a desktop is also available for Windows and Mac users. Perfect365, a free app to download, lets users easily apply a makeover to their selfies, with just a single tap. They can then share their high-quality "Glamour shots" on Facbook or other social media sites.

See the official press release below for more details, or visit the Perfect365 website.


ArcSoft's Perfect365 Makeover App Helps 10 Million People Look Their Best

One of the Most Popular Photo Apps in the iTunes, Google Play and Windows Stores Doubles Downloads in Just Two Months

FREMONT, Calif., October 3 - ArcSoft, the global leader in image-intelligent technologies, announced today that its digital photo makeover app, Perfect365, has reached 10 million downloads. One of the few photo apps to hit this download milestone in the photography category, and a top 10 photo app in the iTunes, Google Play and Windows stores, Perfect365 is also showing strong user engagement - touching up one million photos each day.

"We see the face as the palette, our users as the artists and our technology as the brush, together making beautiful images," said Todd Peters, president of North America at ArcSoft. "We've been on the cutting edge of imaging technology for almost 20 years, working with powerhouses like Samsung and Nikon. It's no surprise that when we offered our powerful facial mapping and photo editing technology in an app, people couldn't get enough."

Perfect365 is free to download, and lets people easily apply a natural touchup or a trendy makeover on digital self-portrait photos with a single tap. Eye makeup and lipstick application, complexion touchup and face contouring are just a few of the remarkable, yet very easy to use, features. Within seconds, users can create photo-studio quality images to post on social media and professional networking sites, or share with family and friends.

How it works

A user simply snaps a "selfie" or uploads a photo from their camera roll and ArcSoft's industry-leading facial feature detection engine does the rest, automatically locating a person's eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth. This allows people to play with their look by doing things like: instantly changing their eye color or the shape of their face, removing blemishes and under-eye circles, softening skin and even whitening their teeth. The end result is a professionally re-touched photo in just one tap.

For more information on Perfect365, please visit: The free app is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phone and tablet) and Windows 8 (phone and desktop) devices. A premium desktop version is also available for Mac and Windows users.

About ArcSoft

ArcSoft is a global leader in image-intelligent technologies that are driving the visual future. We make embedded software that transcends the physical limitations of hardware devices to help people create amazing digital photos, videos and other visual experiences on many of the world's most popular mobile phones, tablets, and cameras.

ArcSoft technologies also power a range of incredible applications spanning facial and object recognition, image search and studio-quality image enhancement. In addition, ArcSoft makes a range of photo, video and imaging software applications for consumers and professionals, from fun apps to pro-editing and encoding software.

Our corporate customers and partners include many of the world's leading OEMs and chip manufacturers, including companies like Samsung, LG, Nokia, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Qualcomm. ArcSoft software is in more than a billion of the most popular mobile phones, cameras, tablets, and other devices, and in many of the chips that power them.

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