ArcSoft Launches a Free Photo Makeover App for Virtually All Platforms

perfect-365.jpgFacebook is the current leader for the site with the most photos uploaded and it's certain that most of those photos are going to be either self-portraits or pictures of somebody else. And let's face it, they're not always good photos.

The folks at ArcSoft want to change that by offering a free makeover kit for Mac, PC, Facebook, iPad and iPhone app. It allows for quick, simple, one-touch cleanup of your photos, including the ability to adjust the color and intensity of makeup.

"People aren't always at their best when someone takes a snapshot. We are giving consumers the ability to remove a blemish, or those dark circles under the eyes without any hassle, for free, and without the need for any special technical expertise," says ArcSoft CEO Michael Deng. "We want them to feel good about sharing their photos every day."

You can download the Windows PC version now at Perfect 365. The iOS versions will be coming in November, while the Facebook and Mac applications will hit before the end of the year.