Apple's iCloud Backs Up and Manages Your Pictures Automatically

iCloud.jpgThe day after an Apple press conference means an Apple heavy day to follow. It's inevitable - the guys from Cupertino like to announce a lot all at once. It's kind of their thing.

Yesterday they gave plenty of details on a new service called iCloud that promises to get all of your devices sharing nicely. It automatically backs up your music, documents, contacts, calendar, mail and shares it with your iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac or even your iPod.

The Photo Stream is where it gets really cool. No longer will you have to deal with annoying transfers from your iPhone to your PC or settle for uploading unedited pictures to Facebook simply because it's easier. With iCloud, every picture you take with your iPhone will be synced to your home computer which means you can go home, grab the picture from iCloud and start editing.

iCloud will be launching October 12th and is a free service for Apple customers using iOS 5 or OS X Lion.