Apple Releases Aperture 3

The day is here. Apple has finally released Aperture 3. The much loved photo editing and RAW conversion software comes complete with over two hundred new features.

Among the impressive new array of options is something that Apple is calling Nondestructive Brushes. You can create nondestructive image enhancements, or take away enhancements you don't want, without destroying the original image.

Halo reduction has been added to the new version, as has a feather tool, which helps you blend your adjustments more easily.

New features and improved features have been added to all aspects of the program. Importing, web publishing, slideshows, facial recognition and even the user interface all got significant boosts.

Aperture 3 is available now for new users at a price of $199. If you're upgrading from an earlier release, the price jumps down to $99. If you're not quite sure, or if you want to see what Aperture 3 has to offer, you can grab a 30 day free trial directly from Apple.