Apple Finally Joins Instagram #theyalreadydid

apple computer logo.pngAlmost seven years have passed since Instagram launched exclusively on iOS and in that span it has amassed over 700 million registered users. Make that 700 million and one, because Apple has finally joined something its own iPhones helped push to popularity. 

Why now? 

Apple has been steadily pushing its #shotoniphone campaign since its debut in 2015, but not in the traditional way. Up until now, it was using the hashtag to catalog and single out photos people tagged that they thought best showed off the abilities of the iPhone's built in cameras. 

Billboards like this around the world have been used to tout the impressive resolution and quality of the iPhone to morning commuters. 

shot on iphone 7 misty skyline billboard.jpg
Now, Apple does have an Apple Music Instagram account. So, to say they're nonexistent on the platform wouldn't be accurate, but this is different. Unlike their Apple Music account, they're not taking any of the pictures or videos themselves.

That's right. They're only posting curated images that other people post with the #shotoniphone hashtag, though they can fancy it up a bit with music and sound fx if desired, like this.

It's clever. It doesn't really cost them anything and if you're a burgeoning smart phone photographer, maybe that sways your decision to pick up the latest iPhone when it comes out over the competition. Because maybe if you're talented, they'll let the world see your brilliance.

Source: Adweek