Apple Announces iPad will go on sale April 3rd

iPad (1).jpg
It's official, the iPad has a launch date. The WiFi only iPads will be available on Saturday, April 3rd.  The 3G models don't have an official launch date yet, but Apple says you can expect them in late April.

Sure, the iPad doesn't have a camera, but it's still an incredibly relevant product for the photography world.  While there are a lot of nice ways to show off a portfolio in print, for example, flipping through a nicely put together digital album - or letting a potential client do so - is a great way to show off digitally.   Photo frames are nice, but a bit clunky.

There's also a lot of potential.  The iPhone started off as a fairly blank slate after all.  Now there are applications for almost anything you could think of. And remember, the iPad will run iPhone apps.  So practically anything you can use your iPhone for you can use your iPad for.

You know, it's kind of a shame they didn't decide to launch it two days earlier.  An April 1st release date really would have gotten people wondering.