Aperture 3.0.2 Brings Stability, Fixes and New Features


The latest update to Aperture 3 not only adds a few fixes and features, but creates better support for iPhone and iPad connectivity.

Importing iPhoto libraries got a lot smoother.  Aperture should now correctly display an estimate of hard drive space required to import a library, and make memory issues during import a thing of the past.  Aperture will also preserve the rotation of your iPhone photos after importing.

General importing was improved too, thanks to crash fixes for Auto-split and Auto-stack import, and an issue with XMP sidecar files.  There's also an update that should take care of an issue where thumbnails took up more space than they should.

Perhaps the most helpful fix is for adjusted images.  16-bit images should work normally now, and preview generation has been sped up significantly.  It's also possible to pause a preview in progress. 

For the update, and full release notes, visit Apple's website.