Announcing Lily, a Flying Camera you Throw

LilyandTracking.jpgAs we mentioned during our recent news article about the CyPhy Works LVL 1, a growing trend is using drones for photography. When you have a camera that flies, you can capture scenes that would be otherwise be difficult or impossible to record.

Now, Lily Robotics has launched Lily, a drone with a built in camera that flies itself after you throw it. The term "point and shoot" for a simple to use camera has been popular for a long time.

Now, with Lily, you can have a "throw and shoot" camera in the form of a camera built into a drone that flies and takes video or still photos after you toss it into the air, automatically pointing it towards a tracking device that you can wear on your wrist in waterproof case, or keep in your pocket.

Lily.jpgAfter you toss Lily into the air, it's motors start up and it hovers near you while waiting for commands. It can also be preset to to hover around you in a circular pattern, follow you from behind, or lead you in front, all while keeping it's camera pointed towards you so it can capture what you are doing, whether that is biking, walking, snowboarding, or other activities you want to capture.

Lily is designed to capture video at 1080p 60fps or 720p 120fps using an H.264 codec, saving the files as .MP4. Its recording camera has a 94 degree field of view and includes Image Stabilization. It can also capture 12 Megapixel Still images. Lily has a built in card slot that lets you use a Micro SD card for storing the videos and still images you capture.

Lily is designed to stay no closer than 5 feet from the tracking device and no more than 100 feet from the tracking device, with a minimum altitude of 5 feet above head level and a maximum altitude of no more than 50 feet above head level.

It's also waterproof and is able to float, so you can use it while boating or other actives in or around water. Its top speed is 25mph and it has a flying time of around 20 minutes before a recharge is needed (taking 2 hours for a full charge).

Lily has built in sensors including an Accelerometer, Three-axis Gyro, Magnetometer, Barometer, GPS, Front-facing camera, and Bottom-facing camera.

The Tracking Device that you wear or keep with you includes an Accelerometer, Barometer, GPS, Microphone, and Vibration motor; and has some interesting features where it can even switch the video capture into a slow motion capture mode when it detects a jump like you'd have when snowboarding, skiing or similar.

TrackingDevice.jpgLily will also have a Companion App you can install on an Android or IOS device that lets you change camera settings, create custom shots, and edit and share content.

You can pre-order Lily now for $499. The company says it will go on sale for $999 after it begins shipping in February 2016 (the expected delivery date if you order one now).

Here's a video showing Lily in action:

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