Andy Biggs Launches Kiboko Gear Bag

Kiboko Bag.jpg
Who better to design a gear bag than someone who knows exactly what he needs from one.  Andy Biggs has had an extensive career in travel and wildlife photography, and his new Gura Gear line is made just for people like him.

The focus of the company is in making gear for photographers by photographers.  "Two years ago we set out to design the perfect bag," says the company, and the Kiboko bag is the result.  It's the first product from Gura Gear and it's quite impressive.

The bag itself weighs in at just under four pounds and is capable of carrying a pro level DSLR, photo gear, and a 500mm and 600mm lens simultaneously.  It's made of a material called Dimension Polyant VX-21, which is also used on some of the world's lightest and fastest sailboats.

The bag can be carried as a standard backpack, a harness system, or as a shoulder bag.   Since it's made for travel, the harness system retracts fully for loading onto planes and is small enough to be used as a carry-on when travelling.