Andreas Gursky's New Large Scale Works Were Shot from Space

Photographer Andreas Gursky is best known for his photographs capturing massive objects.  Not satisfied with what he could create from the Earth, he used photographs from space to create his newest work.

"Space is very important for me but in a more abstract way," says Gursky.  "Maybe to try to understand not just that we are living in a certain building or in a certain location, but to become aware that we are living on a planet that is going at enormous speed through the universe."

What makes these particular shots so interesting is that for the first time, Gursky had to relinquish the position of photographer, relying on satellite images rather than shots from his own camera. 

Photographs are more than just images to Gursky. "I read a picture not for what's really going on there," he says.  "I read it more for what is going on in our world generally."
Gursky's newest works and a selection of his older photographs will be on display at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.