Amphibico Launches Its First Housing for a Digital Still Camera - the Sony DSC-F707

Amphibico F707 housing

Amphibico, designer and manufacturer of top-of-the-line underwater imaging equipment, announces the introduction of a still camera housing worthy of the Amphibico brand and worthy of inclusion in its world renowned line of underwater video equipment and accessories.

The 707 housing has been created consistent with Amphibico's reputation for designing high quality products and is manufactured from marine grade aluminum with ergonomically positioned camera controls and perfect balance underwater.

Both electronic and mechanical controls will access key camera functions: the zoom (T/W), pre-trigger (image framing) and power on/off will be electronic while the strobe on/off/auto, white balance, metering mode and shutter will be mechanical. The 707 has a wet alarm and, while it is available standard with a flat port, it will accept all of Amphibico's bayonet-mounted lens assemblies.

The rear of the camera provides easy viewing of the 1.8" LCD color monitor. The camera and housing have been positioned for "straight-thru" photography, the choice of professionals for easier and more precise framing of subjects especially moving subjects.

Only Amphibico offers LSD. The 707 will utilize any available strobe but is equipped with LSD, Light Sensor Device, designed by Amphibico's electronics engineers to provide perfect lighting every shot by imitating TTL light monitoring. Or you may simply want to mount one of Amphibico's self-contained-power 10 watt arc lamps. They are always on, offer more than an hour of burn time, have no hot spots and produce a colour temperature of 6500°K.

Suggested Retail price: $995.00 US