Amazon Launches the Inexpensive Glacier Cloud Storage Service

Amazon-Glacier-Cloud.jpgCloud storage has quickly gone from a luxury, to an essential tool.  Not only is it safer to have a non-local backup of all your files, but having your photos and other files stored on the cloud means you can access them from anywhere, on a variety of devices. And thanks to Amazon, it just got a whole lot cheaper.

Amazon Glacier offers storage of your data for the price of a penny per gigabyte per month. That means if you have a full terabyte of photos that you need backed up, you're only paying $10 a month. You can also upload it all for free - you'll only pay for data going out.  Even that rate is fairly low, at 12 cents per gigabyte, with the first gig free.

For more info and a full list of tiered pricing, swing over to Amazon Glacier.