Amazing Video: USAF Photographer, Staff Sgt. Larry Reid Jr.

We all have a passion for photography and technology here at Steve's Digicams. We take pride in collecting the right gear, testing our camera settings for desired effect, and waiting for a precise event... All in the quest to capture a moment in time. To freeze the world for an instant. To save a memory.

To tell a story.

Professional photographers traverse the ends of the world to capture moments and tell stories. But you've probably never seen a photographer quite like Staff Sergeant Larry E. Reid Jr. His job, you ask? Official photographer for the United States Air Force Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds.

Thanks to a wonderful short documentary created by filmmaker Jaron Schneider, we are introduced to Staff Sergeant Reid and given a tour to a typical day in the office, what he calls "a roller coaster on steroids." Imagine yourself upside down at 500-plus miles-per-hour, inches away from four (or six) F-16s, pulling upwards of five to six sustained G's -- five to six times the natural force of the Earth's gravity.

Staff Sergeant Reid also describes the feeling of his gear on his chest in those moments. What starts out at 15 to 20 pounds becomes like having an entire person sitting on his chest...which doesn't even include the bigger maneuvers, which can pull seven and a half G's and even, for the briefest moments, top out at nine G's (ah!).

It's pretty impressive stuff, both from Mr. Schneider's filmmaking perspective, and from Sergeant Reid's impressive work and exciting job. Here's the full video:

From Jet to Jet- Being the USAF Thunderbirds Official Photographer from Jaron Schneider.

And if that isn't exciting enough for you, check out Mr. Schneider's other short video about flying with the Thunderbirds. This one features advertising photographer and Nikon Ambassador, Blair Bunting.

Blair Bunting Flies with the Thunderbirds from Jaron Schneider.

Aim high. Go Air Force.