Amateur Photographer Recreates Hong Kong With Legos

(photo by Ric Tse)

How does a 39-year-old who's not a huge Lego fan become famous for taking pictures of Legos recreating scenes from Hong Kong? By accident.
According to an interview with the South China Morning Post, Ric Tse originally created a daytime shot of the Hong Kong harbor-front for his wife Daisy "to cheer her up". That first project in 2009 featured a tourist carrying a Photoshopped fashion magazine with his wife's portrait on the cover, which is if anything, adorable.

ric scmp.jpeg
(photo of Ric Tse from the South China Morning Post)

He's come a long way since 2009. He and his wife now have a three-year old, and he's elevated his photos to take epic photos like this night landscape of the view from Tsim She Tsui Harbor front.

ric tse honk kong night big.jpg
The picture has everything from a tour guide showing tourists around the harbor, to people taking selfies and city workers repairing lamps while tourists buy food from a food truck.

ric tse food truck.jpg

His work is interesting because to him it was just a hobby, something he did for fun and the only marketing he ever did was through social media. Rick tells the SCMP: "If there was no social media, then my work would not have been publicised to this extent and galleries would not have picked it up," he said. "In the old days, I would not have had this kind of response; I am just a part-time photographer. When I started this project, I did not do it for the money, but of course I am enjoying it."

We always tend to hear the negative of social media. People tend to focus on how it creates famous people for just being beautiful or rich, but this is an example of its real power. Social media gave Ric an elevated platform for the rest of the world to enjoy his art, and now he has over 40k followers.

In fact, he became so popular that he now has a book out called Legograhy, it's currently only available in Chinese, but, it is, after all, a book about photos, and photography is an art that can bridge all language barriers.

His work has become more playful too and is even doing marketing for lego products in Japan from everything from the Batman Lego movie to Lego's own IP like Ninjago.

ric ninjago crack.jpg
Ric proves that if you love to create, just keep doing it, because somewhere out there in this world of over seven billion, is someone else who thinks like you.

Source: SCMP & Ric Tse