Alexa Meade's Living Painting Photos Bend the Mind

The image you're seeing along with this post isn't a painting - at least, not in the way you'd think.  Alexa Meade is an up and coming artist who has a very different method of creation.  Rather than painting on a canvas, she takes people and turns them into paintings.

Meade's photographs look for all the world like traditional 2D paintings, but in reality, the subject of the picture, background and foreground have all been painted to trick the eye.  "The living paintings series is my spin on reality," says Meade on her site. "By wrapping my subject in a mask of paint, I skew the way that the core of the subject is perceived."

Her portfolio features several of her works, and her Flickr page shows some of what goes behind the process, including half-painted subjects.  Even incomplete, the effect still works.

It's a very different approach, and it's a great reminder that some of the best photographs aren't always those that follow the rules.