Akvis Releases Refocus v1.5 - Now With RAW and DNG Support

There are little feelings as frustrating as taking a look at that great shot you got only to find that it wasn't so great after all. An out of focus picture, due to user error or an autofocus issue on the part of the camera, is a terrible thing to have.

Akvis Refocus allows you to sharpen up those out of focus pictures while sacrificing as little as possible in the quality department. It also lets you use selective focus to bring attention to some parts of the picture while the rest fades into the background.

Version 1.5 includes a few big updates. For starters, both RAW and DNG files are supported. Akvis has also added brand new presets and a few helpful user interface improvements to boot.

Akvis Refocus is available now for Mac and PC as a plugin or standalone at $39.