AirStash WiFi Flash Drive Shares Photos Securely

Flash drives are nothing new, nor are SD/SDHC card readers, but there are devices that still don't have them.  The iPhone and iPad for example, are completely without card readers and USB ports.  It's a pain, because they're great devices to show your pictures on.  AirStash solves the problem in an impressive and economical way.

Essentially, it's an SD card adapter that creates its own wireless network.  Simply pop in an SD card, turn on AirStash, and connect to the network to share files back and forth.  Multiple users can connect to it at once, and can view, stream, and transfer data at the same time.

It's security capable to boot.  If you want to leave the connection open for people you know, but don't want others accessing the device, you can enable WPA2 encryption.  AirStash is small, light, and available now for $99.99.  SD and SDHC cards not included.