Agfa Ahead of the Technology Curve With Six USB-Compatible Products

WILMINGTON, Mass.--October 4, 1999-- Agfa Corporation's Desktop Products Group is ahead of the technology curve with six competitive products that are Universal Serial Bus (USB) compatible. The USB interface makes it easier for consumers to add a wide variety of peripherals to their personal computers through a one-size-fits- all, plug and play connection.

Agfa is ahead of the USB technology curve by currently offering 4 USB-compatible flatbed scanners in its SnapScan scanner family and 2 USB-compatible digital cameras in its ePhoto digital camera family.

USB peripherals automatically self-configure, dramatically simplifying the process for users who may be expanding their computer systems. With a USB port there is no longer a need to adjust system settings, insert add-in cards or reboot the system after connecting the scanner or digital camera. This is a decided advantage for those who use the same connection for a number of peripherals, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc. In addition, the USB connection is inherently faster. This means improved speed for data transfer.