Afghanistan Through the Lens of an iPhone


Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with high resolution photography.  DSLRs, expensive lenses and an unbeatable resolution make digital photography an artform that's capable of capturing images never before seen.  There's just something about low resolution, dusty images that just seems more real.

AP photographer David Guttenfelder is inclined to agree.  When travelling with US forces in Afghanistan, he used his DSLR as a primary camera.  His backup though, was an iPhone using a Polaroid film filter app.  With it, he captured the in and outs of life as a marine in Afghanistan.

The images he captured are nothing short of amazing.  The grit adds to the feeling of realism, like film grain does when watching old documentary footage.  Many of the images harken back to those of the Vietnam War. 

It's an interesting technique, and it definitely adds to the power of the images.  You can find the full gallery at the Denver Post.