Aerial Mega-Zoom - DJI Announces the Zenmuse Z30 Camera System

dji z30.jpgDJI has just announced its second Zenmuse integrated zoom camera, the Z30, for use with some of its drones; specifically their Matrice airframes. While they have developed this camera for industrial purposes - inspections of cell towers, windmills, etc. - the 2.13-Megapixel, 30x optical zoom lens camera could be incredibly helpful and fun with other types of aerial photography as well.

content_TapZoom-1.pngThis camera has been fully integrated into the DJI Go app, allowing you to zoom and select the point-of-interest with just a touch. The camera features a maximum aperture of f/1.4-4.7, still image capture of up to 5fps, and the ability to record MP4 and MOV video. Your recorded media is recorded on a microSD card of up to 64GB UHS-1.

Pricing is to be announced at a later date. Visit DJI's website to learn more.

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