Adobe Updates Photoshop CC to Version 2015.0.1 with Many Fixes

As we posted last week, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 9.1.1 is now available for Photoshop CC and CS6 via their built in update mechanisms, adding support for a number of new cameras and lenses. See more about that update in this article from Steve's

Adobe Announces Camera Raw Version 9.1.1, End of Camera Raw Updates for Photoshop CS6

Now, Adobe has released a Version 2015.0.1 Update to Photoshop CC. See this blog post by Jeff Tranberry - Senior Product Manager, Chief Customer Advocate - Adobe Digital Imaging.

If Photoshop CC is running, you can get the update by selecting Help>Update. See Jeff's blog post for other update methods. Jeff indicates that this update to Photoshop CC addresses the following issues, so make sure to update your copy of Photoshop CC to take advantage of the many fixes and improvements: