Adobe Releases Creative Suite 2 for Free

You thought this week was going to be all about the new gear that's slated to come out at CES, didn't you? We did too, but Adobe proved us wrong. The company has just released a completely free version of Creative Suite 2, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro 2.0 and more. How's that for a deal?

CS2 isn't exactly the newest addition to Adobe's lineup, but that doesn't make the editing tools provided any less valuable. Having free access to the program suite is a boon to be sure. While Adobe hasn't commented on anything specifically, our best guess is that the free CS2 is designed to cut down on piracy and earn some loyal Adobe customers.

Here's the link to the download page, but be forewarned, the rush of people downloading the program kept things down for much of the day yesterday.