Adobe Lens Profile Creator Gets a Prerelease

Adobe Lens.jpg

No matter how much you love your lens, you have to admit that it's not - technically speaking - perfect.  There are little aberrations and distortions that affect your picture quality.  You might not even notice them unless you're really looking, but they're there.

Adobe's Lens Profile Creator is part of a program designed to fix that.  Once you've set up a lens profile, you'll be able to import it into photo editing programs, like Photoshop, and correct for those physical abnormalities.

To configure your lens, you'll need to capture a set of checkerboard images using setting mandated by Adobe, convert them to DNG and then run them through the Profile Creator.  There are also a growing number of profiles being put online for you to nab.

The goal, according to Adobe, is to have their massive user base generate profiles for all the lenses out there.  You can download the prerelease version of Lens Profile Creator directly from Adobe.